14 July, 2009

SukanyeShawl (One)

Plain Shawls in varies of vibrant and pastel colors.

(Dimension : 1.7m-2m x 0.5m)

2 pieces available for each item.

SSP 001: orangered
SSP 001: deepskyblue (sold to Azniza)
SSP 001: deepskyblue (sold to nemok)

SSP 002: chartreuse
SSP 002: deep pink (sold to siti)
SSP 002: deep pink (sold to Liz)

SSP 003: blue (sold to Liz)
SSP 003: blue (sold to Azniza)
SSP 003: purple (sold to k.ijai)
SSP 003: purple (sold to Liz)

SSP 004: lightpink (booked by agas)
SSP 004: lightgrey (sold to nemok)


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