14 July, 2009

SukanyeShawl (Three)

Shawls in very nice pattern and eye-catching colors!

grab now as only 3 & 2 piece only available for each pattern!

(Dimension: 1.7m x 0.48m)

SSCM 001 (sold to nisa)
SSCM 001 (sold to nurul yazmi)
SSCM 001 (sold to adri)

(Dimension: 1.7m x 0.46m)

SSCM 002 (sold to kak ani)
SSCM 002 (sold to k.maziah)
SSCM 002 (sold to adri)

(Dimension: 1.7m x 0.5m)

SSCM 003 (sold to k.faizah)
SSCM 003 (sold to cikna)

(Dimension: 1.7m x 0.5m)

SSCM 004 (sold to nurul ain)
SSCM 004 (sold to k.maziah)

(Dimension: 1.7m x 0.5m)

SSCM 005 (sold to kak ani)
SSCM 005 (sold to elly)

(Dimension: 1.7m x 0.5m)

SSCM 006 (sold to farihah)
SSCM 006 (sold to cikna)

(Dimension: 1.7m x 0.5m)

SSCM 007 (sold to farihah)
SSCM 007 (sold to k.faizah)


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