10 September, 2009

Raya Edition SSC

Shawls in very nice pattern and eye-catching colors!

(Dimension : 1.5m-1.9m x >0.5m)

material : kain sangat senang dibentuk and no silk material.

SSC 007 (reserve to mira)

SSC 008

SSC 010 (sold)

SSC 011 (sold to cikna)

SSC 012 (reserve to mira)

SSC 013 (sold to cikna)
SSC 014 (sold to jue)

SSC 010 (reserve to atiq)
SSC 016 (sold to nisa)

SSC 017 (sold to cikna)
SSC 018 (reserved to ain)

SSC 020 (sold to imanie)

SSC 021 (sold to zila)

SSC 022 (sold)
SSC 023 (sold to lyair)
SSC 024 (reserve to aisyah)

SSC 025 (reserved to atiq)
SSC 026 (sold to zila)

SSC 027 (sold to sya)

SSC 028 (sold to cikna)

SSC 029 (sold to cikna)

SSC 030 (reserve to mima)

SSC 031 (reserve to mima)

SSC 032 (sold to lyair)

SSC 034 (sold to zila)

SSC 035 (sold to jue)

SSC 036 (sold to nisa)


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