10 September, 2009

Raya Edition SSCM

Shawls in very nice pattern and eye-catching colors!

grab now as only 1 & 2 piece only available for each pattern!

SSCM 014 (sold to Nurul)
SSCM 014 (booked by amrul)

SSCM 015
SSCM 015

SSCM 016 (booked by amrul)
SSCM 016

SSCM 017 (sold to dahlea)

SSCM 018 (sold to suhaila)

SSCM 019 (sold to farihah)

SSCM 020 (sold to farihah)

SSCM 0 (sold to Nurul)
SSCM 021

SSCM 022 (sold to Nurul)
SSCM 022 (sold to jue)


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